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Discover the Authentic Indian Telugu Mithai - An Edible Rice Film Delicacy from Atreyapuram

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Atreyapuram, a beautiful village in Andhra Pradesh, India, is celebrated for its traditional Pootharekulu, the Indian Telugu Mithai. This scrumptious treat has profound cultural roots in the region, and its unique preparation method distinguishes it from other Asian rice sheets.

The pot-roasting technique employed in crafting Pootharekulu has earned it a GI (Geographical Indication) tag, accentuating its exclusive association with Atreyapuram. The GI tag not only recognizes the cultural significance of this culinary gem but also aids in preserving and promoting the traditional art of making Atreyapuram Pootharekulu.

Indian rice film stands out in the realm of Asian cuisine due to its unique preparation method. Unlike other Asian rice sheets, which generally use steam cooking techniques, Indian rice film is created through a specialized roasting process on an inverted clay pot. This traditional approach endows the rice film with a delicate crispiness and rich flavour.

Pootharekulu: Preparation

The art of making Pootharekulu begins with preparing a clay pot by smoothing its surface over three days. This process involves heating the pot and wiping it with oil to create a smooth surface for the rice batter to adhere to. Pootharekulu is made on an inverted clay pot over burning logs.

Next, a batter is prepared by grinding coarse rice for nearly two hours, which is then diluted. A thin cloth is dipped in the batter, and the cloth is placed on the inverted pot with a flame underneath. As the moisture in the batter evaporates, a thin, crisp edible rice film forms on the pot instantly.

Finally, the edible rice films are filled with a mixture of sugar and/or jaggery and coated with ghee. The films are then rolled and cut into pieces to create Pootharekulu, the traditional Andhra Pradesh sweet dish.

Fikana Foods is devoted to sharing the distinct taste and texture of Pootharekulu, the Indian Telugu Mithai, with the world.

At Fikana Foods, we are passionate about preserving the traditional methods of making Pootharekulu while embracing modern equipment and techniques to ensure consistent quality. We are committed to bringing the authentic taste of Andhra Pradesh’s culinary heritage to your table with our delectable Pootharekulu.