Fikana Foods

Discover the origins of today’s Pootha-rekulu Authentic Indulgence. 

In the idyllic village of Atreyapuram, situated beside the serene Godavari River, a delightful story began to take shape. It was in this beautiful setting that our forebears mastered the craft of creating Pootha-Rekulu, a delicate and delectable, sweet that would eventually win the hearts and taste buds of people worldwide. Our family’s connection to Pootha-Rekulu Telugu Mithai runs deep, spanning generations.

I vividly recall moments in Atreyapuram when my grandmother would say, “Let us make Pootha-Chutta” (the very  first variant of present day Pootharekulu), and our entire family would gather to celebrate this special occasion as if  it was a festival. With immense love and dedication, our grandmothers meticulously prepared this unique treat for  our neighbors, families, and esteemed guests. Employing only the finest ingredients, they fashioned each PoothaRekulu with great care and precision, ensuring that every morsel was a cherished experience. 

The Original Pootha-Chutta: A Timeless Tradition 

Pootha-Chutta involves rolling a delicate rice film, created on an inverted pot, filled with a blend  of fine stone grounded sugar, the captivating aroma of true cardamom (Elachi), and pure vedic  ghee. The ghee is meticulously prepared from the milk of buffaloes that graze on grass found  along the banks of the Godavari River in Atreyapuram village. 


Crafting Vedic Ghee begins with turning milk into luscious curd, followed by churning to produce  creamy buttermilk, and finally extracting golden butter. The butter is then simmered into an  aromatic, light brown liquid known as Ghee. The age-old technique results in a delightful and  exquisite treat. 

Fikana Pootha-Rekulu: A 300-year-old Sweet Legacy of Heritage and Tradition 

As we matured, we understood the significance of preserving this distinctive aspect of our culture and heritage that  spans over 300 years. We were determined to share the joy of Pootha-Rekulu with the world, and thus, our brand,  Fikana, came into existence. 

At Fikana, we do more than just sell sweets; we share a piece of our culture, our history, and our very essence with  each customer. Our unwavering commitment to using only the purest ingredients and time-honored methods  ensures that our Pootha-Rekulu maintains the authentic taste and texture that has endeared it to generations. 

As Fikana continues to flourish, we remain dedicated to treating every customer as an esteemed guest, offering  exceptional service, and ensuring satisfaction with each purchase. Our ambition is to establish Pootha-Rekulu as a  household name, synonymous with quality, tradition, and unrivaled taste. 

We cordially invite you to join us on this delectable journey as we persist in spreading the joy of Pootha-Rekulu  worldwide. Savor our genuine, handcrafted Pootha-Rekulu, and immerse yourself in the rich culture and heritage of  Atreyapuram with each bite. 

As we carry on the legacy of our ancestors, we remain dedicated to preserving the traditions of hospitality and  warmth that define our village Atreyapuram. With every Pootha-Rekulu we make, we strive to honor our past and  share the joy and happiness that comes from enjoying this timeless treat with loved ones. 

Fikana Pootha-Rekulu a celebration of heritage, culture, and the exquisite taste of Tradition.